The extraordinary, eye-catching Plaza luminaires, inspired by Art Nouveau, will be an intriguing addition to any sophisticated interior.  Fabulous elements made of bent glass sparkle with a golden glow, bringing to mind luxurious jewellery. Depending on the size of the room and its character, there are two hanging lamps to choose from. One of them, based on a glossy, round frame, has an avant-garde character. Slim, long, spirally twisted, delights with its unusual, fascinating shape, that You can barely take Your eyes off. The second Plaza luminaire is slightly more traditional in shape, based on an octagonal frame, wider. The bent glass elements intersect in the middle to form an openwork lampshade. The light arrangement in the interior can be enriched by a sconce. Plaza lamps are an excellent complement to elegant interior design and provide warm, cosy lighting that accentuates the beauty of the decor.

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