Lollipop is a family of modern luminaires. It is perfect for industrial or minimalist interiors, but it will also work well in many other arrangements. Four models of Lollipop are an impressive, almost one and a half metres long luminaire on a longitudinal frame of an interesting shape, and three lamps with movable arms: hanging, standing and table. Brass rods, on which are mounted spherical glass lampshades with bulbs, can be freely adjusted, so that the shape of the lamp can be fitted to your needs. Geometry, statics and right angles, smooth transitions and waves or wild composition, full of diagonal lines and surprising irregularity - that’s up to you. Regardless of the setting, the luminaires provide a large amount of diffused light and their unusual, intriguing design is eye-catching not only when illuminated. Lollipop is asymmetry, joy of playing with form and a pinch of stylistic madness.

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